Friday, July 31, 2009


So i totally have not been keepin up with the whole blog thing in forever!...i think ever since Bady learned how to scoot and crawl its been way difficult!..i mean it really is a full time job watching him now its insane but i promise to do better from now on, cause i was layin in bed thinkin how i needed to start writing in a journal and then i was like duh! i should just blog..its basically the same thing. Well has been pretty great, a little stressful but still great. Austin and I were able to get sealed in the AZ temple on June 20th! was hard work gettin to that point but it all payed off when we were finally sealed to Brady. Who by the way has learned to crawl,pull himself up onto things, spit(well it actually looks like he's makin rasberry faces), and he definatley knows that i am his mom and that i have the food source. It's really funny sometimes b/c now he seems to act like a little puppy. I can't wait to see what he learns next!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Thursday, February 19, 2009

New Begining

Ever since that wonderful day on June 14th I walked down the isle and married my amazing husband, Austin, and started a whole new life as Sarah Glidewell. I had to learn how to become a grown-up pretty much;learning how to pay bills, do chores my mother used to do for me, and learn how to save money by sacrificing those weekend shopping-sprees with my friends. It's all worth it though; being poor and acting all grown-up because I get to endure it with the man I love and be the mother of a beautiful baby boy named brady, whom i feel very blessed because i swear he's an angel. It's interesting how i'm an actual mom now, its still unbelievable to me how Heavenly Father has trusted me with this small human being to love and teach him; hopefully I can teach him enough to be a real gentleman. I know time is gonna go by so fast and Brady will be off to college before I know it; so i'm making an oath to savor every moment of every day, always to be happy,to acieve my goals, and to make life as wonderful as it can be.